Born and raised in North America, the state of New Jersey was my home for 22 years. My first band was formed with my best friends in the neighborhood. We basically all learning how to play our instruments in that band. It was a wall of sound and many good times. After several months of play I decided to study with Stu Miller, a well established drummer and educator. During that time I also played in a variety of bands. We wrote our own songs, played rock, pop and blues covers and performed at many parties and clubs in New Jersey. As time passed, I wanted something more, it was time for a new adventure in life. So in the spring of '92 I packed my truck and drove across America, destination: Los Angeles. There I attended PIT at Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California where I studied with and learned from some of the best players and educators such as Ray Luzier, Joe Porcaro, Fred Dinkins and many more. Being in L.A. was an amazing experience for me. After graduation in '93 I continued playing in a variety of bands in the Los Angeles area.  After a lot of thought, I made a move out to Phoenix, Arizona to rejoin my old band mates from L.A. We released a CD, and supported international acts on club dates, even headlining club shows and metal festivals. Unfortunately, we disbanded and shortly after I moved back to Los Angeles, with a new band.  While working there, I met and joined the band that would take my life to Europe. We recorded our EP in L.A. and then went out on a short club tour in Switzerland. Once again I decided to leave L.A. and start a new life and career here in Switzerland.

Since 2000, when I moved here, I have been very lucky and honoured to play with many amazing musicians here. I have and continue to learn so much from every experience on and off stage.

Because of the various bands and projects I have performed with and have been a part of, I have been fortunate enough to explore and experience different musical styles.

Since 2007- Present , I have been a member of the rock band CHINA .  We have played many Open-Air Festivals and clubs all over Switzerland. We have played festivals and clubs in England, Germany and Austria. National and international radio play,  Swiss television performances, support band for Krokus's reunion tour 2010, support  for the band EUROPE and many more. Our CD ''Light Up The Dark'' was recorded and produced by Los Angeles producers/mixer/engineers Chris Johnson (Josh Todd, Evanesence) and Michael Parnin (Dug Pinnik, Steve Stevens). Our CD  ''We Are The Stars'' was recorded and produced by producer/mixer/engineer/songwriter Tommy Henriksen (Guitarist Alice Cooper).


I also give private drum lessons at  Drum-Control  Grosshöchstetten

and Pat's Instrumenten Shop in Hasle

Performing live and recording with bands and other musicians is an important part of my life.     

I enjoy listening to and playing different styles of music-

As long as the song has groove and melody, I'll want to drum to it...

© 2020 Billy La Pietra